Digital Printing System Helps Commercial Printers Create Business Opportunity

Two decades after its founding, Corporate Press (HK) Limited is now an enterprise in its prime, consistently expanding the scope of its business. Mr. Stanley Lin, Managing Director, with an ever-flowing spring of creativity and market insights that place his enterprise one step ahead of others, has emerged as a trendsetter in the digital printing industry. Incredible business opportunities come one after the other as the goals of Corporate Press and its customers are fulfilled.

The Era of One-Stop Service

In today’s business world, one-stop service is an essential criterion in maintaining enterprise competitiveness. In the past, printers only had to deliver quality prints and their mission was considered complete; but nowadays, printers such as Corporate Press (HK) Limited also undertake creative, design and marketing work. Corporate Press develops its product offerings based on six founding principles, the “6 Cs”, which include Creative Mind, Complete Facilities, Consistent Quality, Courteous Service, Competitive Price and Credible Schedule. According to Mr. Stanley Lin, customer demand is becoming ever more stringent in recent years. Graphic design excellence and outstanding print quality alone can no longer meet the expectations of customers, and one-stop service refers to the use of printing technology and spot-on promotion measures to create market opportunities.

Design without limit

Paper is an important element that designers work with to make creative sparks. In the days of offset printing, it was impossible to use a dozen different types of paper in one book, but this has now become totally feasible with digital printing. During our interview, Mr. Lin showed us a commemorative program of Wai Yin Association’s Charity Balls, which has offered the opportunity for the designer to breakthrough the limits. The new RICOH Pro™ C900 digital color printing solution and PUR Perfect Binding technology allowed the designer to use 13 different types of paper in the volume and transcend the boundaries of traditional printing and binding. Mr. Lin said, “The project was an important challenge for both Corporate Press and Ricoh. The good news is Ricoh’s Pro™ C900 delivers exceptional print results on various types of paper, including tracing paper that digital printing finds extremely tricky, and accommodates paper as large as 13” x 19.2”and weighing up to 300 g/m2. What is more, fast print speed is maintained even when we perform bulk printing.”

Mr. Stanley Lin, Managing Director, Corporate Press (HK) Ltd.
Mr. Stanley Lin, Managing Director, Corporate Press (HK) Ltd.
The credits go to RICOH Pro™ C900.

“Cocktail binding”, as Mr Lin puts it, involves printing on different types of paper and is achieved only through digital printing. Mr. Lin tells of his rendezvous with the RICOH Pro™ C900, “I visit printing industry exhibitions all over the world, and met the RICOH Pro™ C900 on one of these occasions. My first impression of the printer was that it delivers print results very similar to offset printing. Later I learned more about its features and applications, and realized that apart from offering print quality comparable to offset printing, it also prints on a wide range of materials, allowing our designers to unleash their creativity. Also, its fast print speed and durability top other digital printing systems of its class, and we decided to introduce Hong Kong’s first RICOH Pro™ C900 digital color production printing system.”

“Word of mouth” is an important factor influencing procurement decisions in the printing industry, and where does Mr Lin find the courage to purchase Hong Kong’s first RICOH Pro™ C900? Mr. Lin said his company had always maintained an amicable working relationship with Ricoh, and he had introduced the RICOH Pro™ C900 because its outstanding print quality and high versatility could perfectly meet the needs of Corporate Press’ business operations. He believed the system was, indeed, value for money. At the same time, Corporate Press was confident with Ricoh’s brand image as well as their pre-sales and after-sales services.

RICOH Pro™ C900 Color Digital Production System
RICOH Pro™ C900 Color Digital Production System
Personalised Printing – the New Trend

Apart from introducing the RICOH Pro™ C900 digital color printing solution, Corporate Press also purchased DirectSmile®, a design software for personalization, through Ricoh. Mr. Lin told us that, as promotional materials flooded the market, promotion and marketing initiatives had to adopt a target-oriented approach, where DirectSmile® played a critical role. The personal graphic information interchange function helps make a lasting impression on customers, and the promotional material becomes a collectible item itself. “The largest market of calendars is with insurance agents, and now DirectSmile® adds a touch of personal character to every calendar. For example, after an insurance agent gives a personalized calendar to their client, the friends and family of the client may also be interested in the print. This creates business opportunities: the next time you present a calendar, you can also create 15 minutes of business opportunity and close a co-operation deal."

The consistent print quality of the RICOH Pro™ C900 digital color production printing system works seamlessly with Mr. Lin’s cutting-edge market insights to create business opportunities one after the other. In future, there will be even more creative offerings that take the development of digital printing to new heights.


Corporate Press has produced outstanding, unique prints with the RICOH Pro™ C900 and DirectSmile® for its clients, and these have claimed important awards in the 7th Digital Printing Award, including honours in the “Electrostatic Printing – Paperback Binding” and “Variable Data Printing” categories. The accolades reinforces the RICOH Pro™ C900’s leadership position in the digital printing industry.

These colourful, personalised calendars are produced with the RICOH Pro™ C900 and DirectSmile®.
These colourful, personalised calendars are produced with the RICOH Pro™ C900 and DirectSmile®.
Above content was quoted from Ricoh Hong Kong Limited:

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